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Some Non-Holiday Favorite Songs to Get Through The Season

Some Non-Holiday Favorite Songs to Get Through The Season
December 8, 2021

Not everyone loves holiday songs, and that’s just fine. Sometimes we’re looking for something that doesn’t remind us of the December rush, and fortunately there’s plenty of good music that can lift our spirits out of the holiday blues. So, ditch decking the halls– here are a few evergreen songs to soundtrack the end of your year.

Oddisee - Want to Be | Sofar Washington, DC

The crowd, the band– everybody’s got genuine smiles on their faces right from the start. The Brooklyn-via-DC rapper and producer Amir Mohamed el Khalifa (aka Oddisee) has that effect with his smooth, depthful verses. When he leans into the chorus, “I just wanna be happy, I just wanna be free,” everybody’s feeling it. 

Benny Sings - Shoe Box Money | Sofar Los Angeles

Nestled in neon lights, banana leaves and a magnolia tree, the Dutch singer and highly talented ensemble bounce through this sweet little groover of a song. Beats, dreamy piano, and saxophone– it’s all there in this soulful pop number.

Jenn Blosil - King Of Convenience | Sofar Los Angeles

Ok, maybe we don’t want “Silent Night”, but we’re still after some ballad feels. The former American Idol contestant brings the mood with this intimate performance, adding a streak of brightness with that synth tone.

Angie McMahon - Keeping Time | Sofar London

The Melbourne singer/songwriter gives us this smoky, simple song, with some subtle force and grit. It’s no frills, and we like it that way.

Cassandra Jenkins - Hotel Lullaby | Sofar NYC

A serene evening nightcap for a late winter eve. Lush, refined, potent– the NYC singer and her band will send you off to dreamland warm and satisfied.

Angie McMahon, photo by Caterina Fontana