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Sofar is for artists.

Listening rooms in unique venues that bring performers and attentive audiences together. Join a global community run by artists for artists.

A full room without self-promotion

Perform for a packed house without having to promote the show.

Turn listeners into fans

The audience comes ready to listen quietly and discover new artists.

Reach new markets

Play the next town over or fill in a Monday night on your international tour.

Connect with other artists

Find new collaborators in a room of musicians, photographers and other creatives.

Want more info and some tips on how to apply?

August 28, 2019

How to Make the Most of Your Sofar Sounds Set

Our Sofar Long Beach City Leader Christina LaRocca, also an artist herself, has some tips to help artists get Sofar ready and make the most of out of their performance.

Submit your application online.

Your information goes to each city you apply to.

Local teams review every submission.

If it's a good fit and there's availability, you'll be invited to perform.

We find a unique venue and fill the room with an attentive audience.

You'll perform your 20-25 minute set alongside 2 other acts.



Sofar is a comfortable environment to try out new songs, workshop material and see how people respond. It has such good community vibes. It’s so nice for us to not have to worry about promotion and bringing people to a show, but rather focus on making the music good.

Bailen, Sofar NYC

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