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Thursday 16th April 11:00PM

Madeline Edwards

Madeline Edwards combines her west coast jazz background with her southern soul to create the new jazz-fusion.

Friday 17th April 3:00PM

JC Stewart

Singer, songwriter, and professional sadboy.

Saturday 18th April 7:00PM


Nemes has made their mark on the Boston music scene by playing everywhere from subway stations to highly-revered rock venues.

Sunday 19th April 11:00PM


Jessame Raz Berry is an American musician, singer and songwriter from Burbank, Los Angeles.

Monday 20th April 7:00PM


Soothing songs to cure your isolation heart aches. This indie folk band showcases modernist sounds.

Tuesday 21st April 7:00PM

Brooke Annibale

Singer-songwriter/guitarist Brooke Annibale shines by way of her magnetic voice and expressive songwriting capabilities.

Past performances

Wednesday 22nd April 11:00PM

Jordan Hawkins

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jordan Hawkins builds a hypnotic atmosphere with his music.

Thursday 23rd April 11:00PM


LA-based artist Kathleen combines her folk and poetry roots into a style that is entirely her own.

Friday 24th April 7:00PM

Jade Bird

Twisting big themes of disillusionment, divorce, cheating, sorrow into the realities of an independent-minded, modern British 20-year-old, Jade's…

Saturday 25th April 7:00PM


London-based artist Pastel is a 26 year-old French-Polynesian self-taught multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer influenced by Neo-soul,…

Sunday 26th April 7:00PM

Rodrigo Alarcon

Rodrigo Alarcon is a 28 year old singer/songwriter from São Paulo who has been drawing attention in the new Brazilian Popular Music scenario.

Monday 27th April 7:00PM

Calvin Arsenia

Surrealist Soulful Harpist and Singer from the Middle of America.

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