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Wednesday 1st July 7:00PM

Del Water Gap

Brooklyn-based Del Water Gap is inspired by “romantic encounters and dimly lit rooms.”

Tuesday 30th June 7:00PM

Desiree Dawson

Desirée makes a point of having every song be honest and emotionally charged. She is passionate about healing as a collective, using the power of…

Monday 29th June 7:00PM

Daisha McBride

Tennessee-based rapper heavily influenced by Country, Pop, Rock, and Hip Hop.

Sunday 28th June 7:00PM

Manu Sija

Argentinian multi-instrumentalist blends jazzy elements with folkloric roots.

Saturday 27th June 7:00PM

Sugi Dakks

LA-based artist dynamically blends piano and rap that merges into jazz-tinged hip-hop.

Friday 26th June 7:00PM

Knyves Escobar

Washington DC native who writes and produces her own music as a way to reflect on painful situations.

Past performances

Thursday 25th June 7:00PM

Bronze Avery

Bronze Avery is a recording artist, songwriter and producer that makes silky pop ready for a summer daydream.

Wednesday 24th June 7:00PM


Portland-based duo known for their folksy Americana vibe

Tuesday 23rd June 7:00PM


Thair is a dynamic musical intersection of black, queer culture, and pop.

Monday 22nd June 7:00PM

Witch Prophet

A soundscape of vocal layers, loops, raps and harmonies on a bed of hip-hop, jazz and soul-inspired beats.

Sunday 21st June 7:00PM


Independent solo artist based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Saturday 20th June 7:00PM

Iskandar Widjaja

Mousikos world-class violinist connects worlds through musical imagination, flawless technique and charisma.

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