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Liner Notes

January 27, 2022

Sofar Alumni News: January Edition

Greetings, Music Lovers. We’re kicking off a new series dubbed Sofar Alumni News, celebrating the adventures, releases, and achievements of some of the incredible artists in our Sofar community....

January 24, 2022

5 Boston Artists We Love

Ah, the sweet city heart of New England. Creative minds run wild in this charming collegiate town, and we’re fortunate to see more than a few of them bring their flair to the Sofar community. Here...

January 20, 2022

New Music Alert Featured Artist: Natisú

Sometimes you have to hit pause on the endless noise and tune in to your own self. That’s what Natisú did, and for the Santiago, Chile artist, the message, or the realization, became her newest...

January 17, 2022

From The Vault: Revisiting Vintage Sofars

Somehow, our Sofar community has been growing for more than a decade. And while everyday we bring new talented artists into the fold, sometimes we have to pause and dive back into the treasure...

January 11, 2022

7 Artists We Got to See Before They Took Off

You never know who’s about to wow you at a Sofar. We’ve seen hundreds of incredible artists in our community step into intimate rooms and share their gifts with listeners, and sometimes that’s the...

January 7, 2022

New Music Alert: January

New Year, New Music Alert. We’re welcoming 2022 with a new group of artists putting out solid tunes to soundtrack your January. Listen to playlists below, followed by a little insight into each...

New Music Alert

January 6, 2022

This Must Be The Space: Chris’ House in London

One of the most magical parts of Sofar is the unexpected places you find yourself– ski lifts, backyards, breezy rooftops, cozy nooks of an old warehouse. We want to celebrate and explore those...

This Must Be The Space

January 3, 2022

4 Artists We're Excited for in 2022

Welcome to a fresh year. Our resolution? Support more artists, always. We know we’ll hear new music from some of our favorites, or discover debuts from those we’ll come to love. But before all...