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5 Sofars That Pair Best with Family and Friends

5 Sofars That Pair Best with Family and Friends
December 6, 2021

Why does December always feel like it moves at warp speed? It’s a quick one, and while you’re wrapping up end-of-year projects and getting ready for what’s ahead, hopefully there’s time to pause and see some of your loved ones, whether they be family, friends, or community of any kind. Here are a few Sofars that pair best with hours spent with those good, good people.

1. Theon Cross - Candace of Meroe | Sofar London

Dinner party? While you’re splitting your attention between the final touches on the entree and welcoming in guests, Theon Cross delivers an excellent Sofar to set just the right inviting vibe. The British artist not only gives us a solid song, but a conversation starter, because how often do you get to see a tuba player totally shred and lead a song?

2. Leif Vollebekk - When The Subway Comes Above The Ground | Sofar NYC

Are you with your people, having one of those out-of-body moments where you feel so dang appreciative of your loved ones? There’s something about Leif Vollebekk’s Sofar performance– its chugging motion of brushy percussion and guitar, its sonic build, its harmonica solo, the band being so in it, the room being so into it– it embodies that very present feeling we get when we’re in the right place, when we feel lucky.

3. PHOX - Kingfisher | Sofar London

Ok, maybe you’ve reached that less gushy point in your visit, the one where the loved ones might be getting a hair on your nerves. Before you dive straight into being fully annoyed, take a look at PHOX’s Sofar performance of “Kingfisher”. Singer Monica Martin kicks this off by dedicating the song to anyone who’s ever built mountains out of molehills. One listen through this dreamy tune where the band cradles Martin in harmony as she sonically dances, effortlessly, through the melody, and you’ll be ready to forget about the small stuff and get back to the love. 

4. Happy People - Home | Sofar Busan

As they say– home is where the heart is. With a soft hand-percussive ensemble and dreamy harmonies, this feel-good tune from the group of Happy People reminds us of the places we’d like to be, and who we want to be there with. (Warning: this is smile-inducing music.)

5. Amy & The Engine - Chasing Jenny | Sofar NYC

Ok, you just want a full-on fun song to goof around with your people and feel cheery. Amy Allen knows how to deliver– she’s written hits for Harry Styles, Selena Gomez, and Camila Cabello afterall. Here with her band as Amy & The Engine, they deliver “Chasing Jenny”, a song with the essence of your favorite ‘90s pop-rock jam. As they perform, the crowd’s laying casually, up dancing, feeling it however they want. Put this on, and do your thing. 

Photo credit: Happy People, image via YouTube