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5 Benefits of Private Virtual Concerts for Work Culture

5 Benefits of Private Virtual Concerts for Work Culture
October 4, 2021

The office might look a little different these days. With some employees back in person and others remote, it’s crucial to find ways to come together. Private virtual concerts do just that– a stress-free gathering for co-workers to relax and enjoy live music from global artists, all from the comfort of their own chairs. Check out a few ways private virtual concerts can benefit your team.  

Community Right Here, From Anywhere

Touching base with our community is vital for our growth, and our mental health. Whether settling back into the office or staying remote, employees need opportunities to gather. A private virtual concert gives employees the chance to connect through a unique live experience, no matter where they are. 

We'll Handle the Checklist

No one likes a work party that involves extra work. You tell us what you’re feeling, and we’ll customize the full experience to fit your culture. Our Sofar team will handle 100 percent of the details– from scheduling to sound– for a clear and easy live virtual concert experience. All you have to do is sit back and have a good time. 

Get The Rush of Seeing the Next Big Thing

Being remote doesn’t have to mean missing out. For private virtual concerts, our Sofar team selects two artists and an MC from our global network of diverse creative communities, bringing them right to the party. Your team can chat with artists after performances, or simply enjoy the show and catch these musicians before they’re selling out arena tours. Anyone heard of Leon Bridges or Billie Eilish

Reward The Milestones (And the Daily Grind)

It's a busy time, but don't let hard work go unrecognized. Show employees their big projects and everyday effort means something by pressing pause on the hustle for some live music. 

Get a Head Start on Holidays

Why not? Before everyone gets caught up in end-of-year todos and their own holiday celebrations, get the work team together to kick off the season with feel-good live performances, and a top notch MC to lead the festivities. 

Find out more about our private virtual concerts by connecting with our team about your upcoming event. You set the vibe, we’ll do rest.