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9 Feel-Good Sofar Shows to Watch ASAP

9 Feel-Good Sofar Shows to Watch ASAP
Video Round-upFebruary 5, 2021

We’re determined to start our day off on a good note, and we’re starting by watching these feel-good Sofar shows from independent artists around the world. Take a deep breath, sip some coffee, and enjoy these bright, can’t-help-smiling sets from independent artists around the world.

Mobley - Tell Me | Sofar Los Angeles

This Austin-based songwriter, producer, visual artist, and filmmaker is full of charisma and ready to blow you away.

YaSi - Pink Caddy | Sofar Denver

Iranian American artist YaSi, is known as a firecracker on stage with sentimental lyricism. Her passionate performance is sure to take your mind of the real-world for a bit. Enjoy!

Manso - Nós Dois | Sofar Goiânia

Soft guitar and irresistible beats? This show has all that and more. 

Margherita Vicario - ABAUE’ Morte di un Trap Boy | Sofar Milan

Been a while since a show gave you goosebumps? This loud and proud performance is sure to do the trick.

The Pearl Harts - Different Kinda Girl | Sofar London

Rich and raspy vocals and '70s rock vibes are our new favorite combo. Check out this stellar performance from The Pearl Harts!

Soaked Oats - Gum-15 | Sofar Philadelphia

A four-piece rock band with dreamy hits and chill vibes. Looking for a soundtrack to a good day? Start with this show.

Nina Oliveira - Disque Denuncia | Sofar São Paulo

Nina’s sweet vocals and romantic melodies always leave us wanting more. Don’t miss out on her high-energy show in Sofar São Paulo.

The Teskey Brothers - Crying Shame | Sofar NYC

Feels like a morning cup of coffee in the sunshine, sounds like we need to listen to the whole album ASAP. 

Rubblebucket - Came Out Of a Lady | Sofar NYC

Get ready to move and shake — this happy performance from a Sofar NYC fave will have you off the couch and dancing around your living room. 

Brb, playing these shows on repeat to bring good vibes and better music into our day. For more incredible music from all-new artists, head to the Sofar listening room every weekday at 3pm for live shows, right in your living room.