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🔥 On Fire Videos 🔥

🔥 On Fire Videos 🔥
July 1, 2021

We’ve got thousands of videos of incredible performances from Sofars around the world on our YouTube channel. Don’t have time to watch them all? We’ve got you covered —  check out this roundup of the latest videos trending on our channel and meet the artists who are shaping the future of music!

Tully John and Liza-Jane - All Rivers | Sofar Gold Coast

Inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Ben Howard and Damien Rice, Tully John and Liza-Jane are drawn to music’s emotive power. With inimitable rawness, truth and delicacy, these two storytellers come together to paint a fragrant picture of the heart and the soul.

Keeyen Martin | Sofar Atlanta

This talented and vibrant North Carolina native is a musical force to reckon with. When it comes to creating music, Keeyen has the winning combination. His music ability to blend R&B, pop and soul is in a league of his own.

shiv - Golden | Sofar Dublin

shiv is a DJ turned singer-songwriter/producer based in Dublin with a unique sound and a varied musical background. Born in Zimbabwe to a musical family and then moving to Ireland at age 5, shiv's sound is influenced by the music that moulded her childhood and mastered by the mindful attention she applies to her craft.

Girl and Girl - Sex on the Internet | Sofar Gold Coast

Recently placed in The Music’s top songs of 2020, Gold Coast ‘desperate-rock’ band, Girl and Girl, are showing no signs of slowing down.

Katie Mackie - Bolder | Sofar Glasgow

Katie Mackie is an electronic pop artist hailing from the north east of Scotland.

GENIIE BOY - Fool’s Play | Sofar Gold Coast

As two musicians coming from very different musical backgrounds, at the heart of GENIIE BOY is the desire to find balance - in the feminine and masculine, the strange and the familiar, the tension and release.

Find more incredible performances from independent artists waiting for you on the Sofar YouTube channel. Better yet, see live in-person performances at a show near you!