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5 NYC Artists that Dazzle Us

5 NYC Artists that Dazzle Us
November 22, 2021

New York City is home to more than 8 million people– thousands of them being wildly talented artists. While the list of musicians we love could go on and on (and on, seriously), here are just a few of the NYC-based performers from our Sofar community that we’ve been particularly dazzled by.

1. Abir

The NYC-based (via-Morocco) artist lit up the Library with her performance of “Young and Rude”. With just a simple riff from the guitar and bass, Abir brought quick verses and arching big chorus moments, delivering a power-pop show.

2. Sabrina Song

We loved Sabrina’s performance from 2020, a simple melancholy ballad padded in hushed harmonies and lonesome piano, doused in swirling blue light. The NYC artist just wrapped up at NYU’s Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music– she’s studied and she’s ready.

3. Odane Whilby

Wind-swept, sonically wide songs that feel like an open horizon. The New Rochelle-based artist makes music that seems to speak the language of love– just ask recently engaged couple Sam and Nathalie, who asked him to serenade their proposal moment.

4. Rue Brown

We've had the privilege of seeing Rue Brown at Sofars multiple times, but one of our favorites is her performance of “Sugar Baby/Make Me Smile”. Born and raised in DC but now NYC-based, the artist delivers a multifaceted performance of storytelling woven into song.

5. Elliot Moss

The producer and songwriter mixes electric and organic tones into an electro-pop sound that feels like moody, slow steps. The NYC artist’s songs have landed in a few TV shows which feels like a perfect fit– his music has a subtle, illuminating quality to it.

Photo credit: Rue Brown, photo by Mark Cartier