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5 London Artists We Adore

5 London Artists We Adore
December 20, 2021

Ah, sweet London. It doesn’t matter where you are in the city– a tiny cafe in Bermondsey, a winding street market in Shoreditch– the music is always on point. It’s a thriving environment of creative minds, and while we could list dozens, hundreds of London-based artists we love, here are just five who’ve been on our minds.

1. Alxndr London

The first word that comes to mind, and lingers, to describe Alxndr London’s sound is, intoxicating. Born and raised in London, the artist makes music about growth and evolution, and it shows. He gave a highly alluring Sofar performance of “Talking Drum” that felt like a smooth rippling river moving over worn stones. And then, the song swells into part electronic, part rock, ending in a cappella harmonies. You gotta see it. 

2. Ife Ogunjobi

Raised in a Nigerian household in South East London, the trumpeter and composer has become a staple of the city’s jazz scene. His Sofar performance of “Peace of Mind” features a full band, all whirling through the air at lightning speed. Even through the screen, Ife’s work feels immersive, even palpable.

3. Iyamah

Iyamah grew up in Brighton, raised on the beats of African drumming and Reggae music, and has called London home since the age of 19. In her Sofar performance of “Won’t Work”, she moves flawlessly through the verses over lush full-band sounds.

4. Sebastian Schub

That smokey voice. Sebastian Schub cuts between earthy, gravely low notes and high-sailing breezy falsetto, all with complete ease. With just a guitar and a mic, The London-based artist’s Sofar performance of “Paradise” shows his polished range. (Perhaps that comes from playing more than 500 shows in three years, and hundreds of hours busking on the streets of London.) 

5. Laura Misch

Looking for saxophone leads, flowing into beats, harmonies, and long enchanting vocal melodies? Laura Misch is here to provide it. The born-and-bred Londoner is known for making sonic and visual collages, and that feels like a perfect way to describe her songs– they’re expansive, growing wider with each weighted beat. See how it unfolds with her Sofar for “Daylight”.

Photo credit: Alxndr London, photo by Rachel Ansley