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4 Celebratory Sofars for your New Year's Eve

4 Celebratory Sofars for your New Year's Eve
December 29, 2021

We made it! It’s absolutely time to part ways with 2021. Whether you’re in PJs nestled on the couch or dressed to the nines with a chilled martini, here are four songs to bring us into a hopeful 2022. 

1. R.O.E. - Good Times | Sofar NYC

Pop the bubbles, R.O.E. is here to ease you into the big night. The Chicago rapper’s performance of “Good Times” is all about riding the wave of a night out. It’s a delightful positivity boost to kick off the eve.

2. The Twoks - Happy Endings | Sofar Melbourne

All’s well that ends well? Was Shakespeare onto something? Doesn’t matter– The Twoks still wrap the year with a beautiful, sonically braided bow with this enchanting performance of “Happy Endings”. I swear, that violin hits like an intoxicating perfume.

3. Celebration Guns - Move On | Sofar Phoenix

What’s next in 2022? For their Sofar, Celebration Guns gets us motivated and excited for the possibility of all that we’re capable of with “Move On”. When they sing “I’m lighting the match and not looking back,” we get pumped for the new year.

4. Alice Pisano - Celebrate Life | Sofar Portsmouth

Midnight comes and goes. Before you start scratching down the resolutions, breathe deep, and just appreciate this very moment. Alice Pisano reminds us to do so with this emotional performance of “Celebrate Life”. She loops the line “you’re perfect as you are,” and hey, sometimes we need to hear it.

Photo credit: The Twoks Sofar Performance, via YouTube