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How it works

Video shows

Thousands of performances have been filmed at Sofar shows around the world, many of which live on our YouTube channel. Opportunities for filmed shows will vary in each city, so feel free to discuss availability with the local city team when booking your show.

How the filming process works:


The final edit will be for one song, but please prepare two original songs and place them back-to-back in your set.

Your aesthetic

Consider how you want to showcase your talents. What instrumentation and arrangement will work best? What outfit or props will add visual flair?

Release forms

Before the show, you’ll receive a release form which needs to be signed in advance of the show.


Once you approve the final version and your paperwork is signed, it’ll go up in places like the Sofar YouTube channel (with over 1 million subscribers!).

Some ideas for sharing your video:


Lining up a video premiere with a local media outlet, website or blog can attract a new audience. Artists often coordinate their video with the song’s release.

Your website

The YouTube video can be embedded on your website and sent via email blast to subscribers on your mailing list.

Press kit

The video can be useful in your electronic press kit or when submitting to festivals, industry representation, competitions, other gigs or for media coverage.


Adding the video to a playlist on your own YouTube channel makes for easy sharing. If you have relationships with other channels (e.g. your record label), ask them to include your video on their playlists too.


Uploading your video file directly to Facebook will improve reach and engagement (ask your Sofar contact for the file). To get it in front of the most people, post more than once.

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok

Teasing the video with 10-30 second clips using your own hashtags (alongside established ones like #MusicVideoMonday) builds momentum in the run up to the release.

Questions? Check out our FAQ