We've updated our COVID-19 safety guidelines to require vaccination and masks at most shows. Learn more.

How it works


Interested in playing? We’d love to hear from you. You'll just need a few things to apply.

Basic info

Artist name, contact info, home city and socials.

Live video

An example of your live performance.

Show location

Start local or apply to any Sofar city worldwide.

Your submission video

Whether it’s filmed on stage or alone in your bedroom, make sure your video:

  • Considers that most events are unplugged
  • Was recorded recently (preferably within the last year)
  • Doesn’t manipulate your performance (like auto-tune) in a way you wouldn’t do live

Sofar is for everyone

Around the world, the Sofar community creates listening rooms for artists from all backgrounds and musical traditions to reach new audiences. Nearly every kind of style has been performed by the more than 10,000 artists that play Sofar every year, from Brazilian punk to spoken word.


Application review process

Local teams review applications and book performers for their city. They want to make sure that every performer gets a fair listen, so sometimes it can take several weeks. Thank you for your patience! Keep in mind that about 75% of Sofar cities operate independently and only host occasional shows, so it may be harder to find availability there.

If you aren't accepted, don’t be discouraged! There are a number of logistical reasons why a show may not work at this time. Sofar exists because of artists like you, and we really appreciate you taking the time to apply. We know that you put a lot of work into what you do, and would love for you to apply again in the future when you have new material to share.