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5 Ways Private Concerts Can Brighten Your Holiday Office Party

5 Ways Private Concerts Can Brighten Your Holiday Office Party
October 21, 2021

December is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get Holiday events squared away, stat. A little panicked? Don’t be– we’re here for you. Booking a private concert is a one-stop shop– you make the call on what you’re looking for, and the Sofar team will handle 100 percent of the planning, from booking to nitty gritty production details. We’ll put together a solid night of two (or three) dynamically talented artists from Sofar’s global community of creators, along with a gregarious MC to keep the holiday cheer up throughout the afternoon or eve. Here are just a few ways a private concert can make your holiday party a little more jolly.

Gather Up The Office Again, Officially

Maybe everybody’s back in the office, or mostly still home, or somewhere in-between. No matter what, it’s been a long time apart. It’s time to reestablish some bonds. Live music is always a reason to connect the group under one roof.

In Person or Remote– The Crew is Together

Maybe not everyone can gather, or just isn’t ready for it. Sofar works with your exact needs, whether that be an in-person gathering or a fully remote one, all with flexible pricing. Whatever is comfortable, we’re here for it. 

Discover The Next Big Face in Music

The talent in the Sofar music community speaks for itself. Booking a private concert gives you a front-row seat to watching these artists as they take off in the music world. You could easily be watching the next Billie Eilish

‘Tis The Season of Good Music:

It’s a tiny little season for holiday music, we gotta dig in and sing ‘em while we can. Perhaps we can even inquire if artists might have a few classics in their arsenal of songs– and even soon-to-be indie classics too. I bet more coworkers know the words than you think. 

And…Bonus: 2022 Is Almost Here

Not everybody loves the holidays, but most everybody is ready to see 2021 hit the road. Why not give it a proper send-off? Now that will brighten the office mood. 

Get in touch to find out more about bringing a private concert to your upcoming event. You reach out, we’ll make the rest work. 


photo image: Night Spins, photo by Mark Cartier