Haley Fishberger

Performed in Sofar Miami and NYC

Through her soulful sound and bold lyrics, Haley Fishberger makes her presence known. Born in New York and raised in Miami, Haley has developed a unique style created from a blend of pop, jazz, and indie influences. She thrives off of exotic individuality in every song and makes sure to emphasize the importance of being authentic in every performance. Haley's artistry perfectly captures her vibe: a surprising yet complementary combination of sweet and edgy. When it comes to writing about stories from her life and observations of the world around her, Haley is upfront and real. She believes that the purpose of being a singer-songwriter is to connect to every individual listening, making her endlessly fulfilled when people identify with the messages of her music. Haley is currently studying at the Frost School of Music and the University of Miami and performing all around Miami. Stay "tuned" for new music and shows!

No videos are available yet for Haley Fishberger