Performed in Sofar Ghent

YUKO is a band from Ghent (Belgium) with Kristof Deneijs as key figure. The band’s debut record ‘For Times When Ears Are Sore, released in 2008 on Debonair recordings, immediately won the hearts of critics both in Belgium and abroad. In 2011 the band released “As If We Were Dancing”, the first album to appear on Unday records. It was recorded at La Chapelle by Bob Hermans and shows a more poppy and more catchy sound than its predecessor. In 2014 “Long Sleeves Cause Accidents” was released on Unday records. When writing the album the band was influenced by baroque music. In 2016 Yuko was asked by Ghent based production company De Commerce to work together with three animators to tell the true stories of three remarkable animals that fought in Belgium during the first world war. The accompanying book and album called “Cher Ami” was released by Lannoo.

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Sunday, 11 October 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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