Yori Swart

Performed in Sofar NYC and The Hague

Yori Swart (NL) grew up in Bergen NH a little town near the seaside of Holland. She’s famous for her live performances, intriguing guitar style and warm voice. A raw, honest though poppy sound with influences of the old blues and soul. At age 17 she got into the conservatory of Amsterdam to study music. She graduated at 21 and released her debut album that same year which she recorded with grammy nominated dutch producer Attie Bauw. In 2012 she won the biggest songwriter award of the Netherlands along with several other awards leading up to a great deal of airplay on dutch radio stations. She played national and internationally, touring in Vietnam, US, Marokko, UK and Denmark. In the last year and a half she released two EP’s. 2013′ Weigh in Weigh Out, a total acoustic vinyl only that she recorded in Belgium with folk-rock hack&saw producer Thomas Olivier. A raw and honest production with just guitar and vocals capturing a live experience as a contrast to the beautiful produced first album. September 2014 she released an EP, Golden Ticket, that was recorded and produced by JJ Blair (June Carter Cash, Rod Steward) whom she met during a two month trip to the US. She wrote the EP in America along with great writers and inspiring people such as Lori Lieberman (Killing me softly). This EP is a warm, unique little peace of art that lyrically and melodically stands out. Yori is working on her second studio album that she wrote in the last year while she was a caretaker of an abandoned prison in Holland.

Videos by Yori Swart