Whoa Dakota

Performed in Sofar Nashville, San Francisco, Louisville, St. Louis, Chicago and Charlotte

On her first full length album, Patterns, Whoa Dakota (Jesse Ott) spins a web of lush indie pop, graceful melodies and ardent lyrics. Building on 2015’s debut EP, I’m a Liar, the Nashville-based artist expands the sonic landscape on her new LP to an amalgam of electropop and R&B. Rife with raw lyrical honesty and enchanting textures, Whoa Dakota’s sophomore effort, August 17, 2018, is destined to captivate listeners everywhere. Patterns bounces from 80s-influenced-pop reminiscent of HAIM to indie folk ala Jenny Lewis while artfully maintaining consistency. The debut single “Patterns” serves as a thesis for the entire album: a brazen examination of "self" that grapples with toxic cycles and emotional accountability through layers of pop melodies and powerhouse vocals. The record is as much about self-discovery as it is about creation of self.

Videos by Whoa Dakota