Performed in Sofar Stockholm

On March 23 Vapenbröder´s next single "Elljusspår" will be released. With "Elljusspår" Vapenbröder has found a new sound, new melodies, a new way to tell stories. The band started 2010 in the school´s rehearsal, they were young, they were angry and could do everything for a party. 2012 they released their first album "Elva Streck" and the releaseparty sold out, they gave it all and so it has continue, day after day, year after year- " We have always done our best on stage when we become a part of the audience and say what we think. To stand on stage bring a responsibility and we want to awake thoughts" 2017 Vapenbröder released the singles "Höghusen" and "För mina vänner" (ft BERI)

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