Uptown Woods

Performed in Sofar Pittsburgh and NYC

The Uptown Woods is a hip-hop, jazz infused group that was formed in the fall of 2015. The band consists of two core members who compose and write all original music. The pianist, Garrett Shafer is from New Jersey and composes all of the bands progressions. The MC, Supplant, is from Pittsburgh. The Uptown Woods has connections to Duquesne University, and has built a large following throughout the Pittsburgh area. The band’s name was selected because ‘Uptown’ Pittsburgh was the meeting spot for countless jam sessions when the group began in 2015. Contradictory to the city, the ‘Woods’ symbolizes the bands ties to inner harmony. The metropolitan culture mixed with the peace of nature clash against each other and is an oxymoron, a theme that surfaces in the trio’s music quite often. The name, ‘The Uptown Woods’ stands for contrast and balance because there is always a way through the chaos for those who are clever enough to find it. Diverse ideas have always been the foundation for the groups complex sound. The Uptown Woods debut EP called Close Quarters is scheduled to be released in November. One of the many themes for Close Quarters is to surface over a conformist society’s viewpoints in order to establish a self-reliant set of ideals, especially in situations of distress and confinement. The band hopes to spread these beliefs to the public in hope to change an unstable and bitter community.

No videos are available yet for Uptown Woods