Travers Geoffray

Performed in Sofar Washington D.C.

Travers Geoffray was the songwriter and frontman of the New Orleans rhythm and blues outfit, Mississippi Rail Company. Then, he started recording the album Highway Kings and things changed. Produced by Grammy-winning gospel/bluegrass vet Michael Latterel (Jim Lauderdale, Rhonda Vincent) at Nashville’s House of Blues Studio, Highway Kings is about the lures and pitfalls of the open road, stretching like an empty canvas before him, as Travers starts up the engine of his solo career, examining what makes him tick. The new songs were more introspective, varied, and less about maintaining that party atmosphere all night long. “This album became such an intense and personal project that I felt it had to come out under my name,” he explains. “It sounded like me. And that’s how other people seemed to relate to it. It’s more transparent as the statement of an individual, rather than a band.”

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