Tom Tiddler's Ground

Performed in Sofar Miami and NYC

Tom Tiddler’s Ground is a music band formed in 2016. Before that, its founders Eric W. and Martin Jurra used to come together from time to time to play some songs on their guitars. When several co-written songs appeared it was decided to record them. An old friend and a founder of their former project fulfilled the role of the soundman. Later he joined the band thus forming the final line-up. The music of Tom Tiddler’s Ground combines folk, acoustic rock and vintage electronics which creates a special atmosphere referring to the likes of Jose Gonzalez, Paul Simon and Bon Iver. The band’s creativity was greatly influenced by the music of the 60s and the second half of the 90s. The band regularly plays in small Moscow clubs and houses. In September 2016 they took part in the Moscow Music Week acoustic showcase and signed the contract with MDR (Music Development Russia). The band are planning several performances at Sofar project in the USA in the beginning of October 2016 followed by the release of their debut single. They are also working on the creation of several musical and theatrical performances.

Videos by Tom Tiddler's Ground