Three Oscillators

Performed in Sofar Pune

Formed in 2015, three oscillators is a project that consists of Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane. The sound that Three oscillators strives to follow falls under the realm of glitch, sci-fi influences and the future. Seamlessly shifting through genres within these attributes, three oscillators is a diverse mix of otherworldly samples and dreamy sounds. Under this project, TO narrates stories through this wonderful, limitless medium we call electronic music. 2017 saw three oscillators play their first few gigs in places like antiSOCIAL Mumbai, Raasta Bombay and Bonobo among others. They're also a part of jwala, a newly-formed artist collective based out of Mumbai where they put out some tunes intermittently on jwala's monthly compilations. The duo has since opened for reputed international acts like Parra For Cuva and The Micronaut, and have been featured on COLORSXSTUDIOS, Rolling Stone India and Platform Magazine among others. They’ve released two EPs and a handful of singles and have a lot of upcoming music that they hope will find a home in playlists around the world.

No videos are available yet for Three Oscillators