The Asia Project

Performed in Sofar Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee and Atlanta

Spoken Word Poet, As an aspiring novelist/astronaut/oil painter/brain surgeon/ninja, Asia never thought spoken word poetry would be his calling. But as with everything else we encounter in life while dealing with the illusive astrological joke we’ve come to know as destiny, here Asia stands: a cancer survivor who was won audiences throughout the country with a spoken word show that has been nothing less than an honest and genuine testimony of his life- a spoken word show that is always inspiring, sometimes gut-wrenching, and most often times comical buffoonery. He has been featured on HBO Def Poetry and BET J Lyric Café, has achieved to win the APCA Performer of Year award, and uses his poetry as an activist tool to help fight poverty in the Philippines. Taking his poetry to the next level, he is now touring with his brother-in-law Jollan who adds dramatic guitar to make the poems come alive on stage. So maybe Asia never became the ninja he had always hoped to be as a child…but come to his show and he’ll guarantee you will have never seen him coming.

Videos by The Asia Project