Tanner Bingaman

Performed in Sofar NYC

Pennsylvania-bred songwriter Tanner Bingaman creates folkmush, aptly defined by his musical fanbase as, "An inclusive musical genera that combines themes and influences from traditional folk music, blues, bluegrass, contemporary moral issues, and soul-cleansing silliness, originated by a Pennsylvania farmer." -Lauren Kerstetter Tanner independently recorded his first project, Family Matters, a musical tribute to the trials and troubles of an off-beat family life, when he was barely out of high school. Though the quality of the recording sounds akin to that of a distraught recent graduate, the raw songwriting and visceral nature of the tunes is still quite tangible. In 2018, he released a more polished studio EP, Folkmush Volume I: Fernville Blues. The album has been graciously received by a digital fanbase, but still most claim Tanner's sound can only be rightfully experienced within the barrooms, listening rooms, and living rooms he has become so obsessed with sharing lonesome stories and howling songs in. Most recently, Tanner has developed an exclusive online platform where he shares in-progress material including instrumentals, poetry, and educational material: http://patreon.com/tannerbingaman and has released a fan-favorite Live version of Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy as a single. Currently, Tanner can be found entertaining the outcasts of various venues and promoting his latest project, expected for release in late 2019.

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