Performed in Sofar NYC

SWISHER's debut eponymous EP features chorus-soaked, staccato guitars; lovers past and present; and an arguably unhealthy dose of self-criticism. Born in the bedroom studios of Brooklyn, the four-song collection carries an airy sense intimacy into listeners' quiet moments. SWISHER is the lead guitarist for Pepto G, a Brooklyn-based post-punk band. His foray into solo work is born of a long-time interest in funk and r&b that pairs uniquely with his background in shoegaze-y synth pop. In a parallel step towards authentic expression, the name "SWISHER" is the artist-producer's original family name on his father's side (which was changed before he was born). A variety of talented audio engineers worked to make this EP sound the way it does; most notably the drummer from OK Go, Dan Konopka, who worked on mixing the first song on the track, “phiend.” Expect your invite to a SWISHER show soon.

No videos are available yet for Swisher