Sweet SantaFe

Performed in Sofar Calgary

If you can imagine the warmth of the Caribbean ocean, the remembrance of a haunting prairie landscape, the joy of a community coming together, and the zest of a family fiesta, then you can begin to imagine the kind of music Sweet SantaFe creates. Each firmly rooted in their own traditions, Penelope Christine Baxter, a songwriter from Alberta, and Michel Rivero Mordoch, a Cuban troubadour and trove writer, met and the incendiary passion began. Their debut album Santa Fe is thickly woven from the threads of a strong background in choral singing and stitched together with lyrics in Spanish and English, creating a blanket so warm you'll want to snuggle up to enjoy their songs with cinematic scenes of hope, joy, and love. The songs of Sweet SantaFe are authentic and their rhythmic blends are rich, offering audiences a fresh, buoyant, and infectious experience that the world is so in need of. This is no Buena Vista Social Club, nor is it simply a folk, country, or pop album. It is the completely original pairing or two songwriters, following their truth, who share an intrinsic need to create connection wherever they are. I invite you... close your eyes and be transported. Michel Rivero Mordoch and Penelope Christine Baxter met on a Canadian/Cuban choral cultural exchange in Havana, Cuba. Michel, a well respected musician, arranger, and collaborator in Cuba and Penelope Christine, a prolific songwriter from Southern Alberta, Canada, combined their talents to form Sweet SantaFe. In 2016, they brought this duo to Canada. Their mix of Cuban and Canadian rhythms and their beautifully intricate harmonic blends are exciting and transporting audiences. They are "authentic", "romantic", and "fun." Their debut album titled Santa Fe is the bridging of two cultures and their two songwriting traditions.

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