Stunt Casting

Performed in Sofar NYC

Ann Driscoll is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who writes, records, and performs pop songs whose “appeal is noticeably disparate from the mainstream, but inevitable.” An alumnus of Berklee College of Music, Ann has performed in Egypt, Germany, and across America and showcased twice at SXSW in Austin, Texas. Ann is poised to release the self-produced EP, ‘Pushpins’ which spans genres including synth pop and rock. Grounded in the ethos that the personal is political and the political is personal, Pushpins tackles topics from unsustainable digital economic models (‘Canary’s Corpse’) to the Iraq War (‘Fiasco’) to the psychological impacts of social media (‘Black Box’). ‘Pushpins’ lives up to the promise of earlier work that has been described as having “created entire worlds with each song, utilizing instruments, sound effects, lyrics, and tone to paint a very vivid picture.” This summer will also mark the physical and digital re-release of her debut LP, ‘Young Tracks’ as well as the EP, ‘Stunt Casting.

No videos are available yet for Stunt Casting