Spring Owls

Performed in Sofar Minneapolis, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Spring Owls, meaning “rebirth and wisdom” is the name singer/songwriter Jesse David Lacy chose after reviving his second collection of songs — Love Evolving (2021) — thanks to his second successful crowdfunding campaign and teaming up with multi-platinum winner Anthony J. Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Collective Soul) and multi-Grammy winner Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Shania Twain). The percussive acoustic guitar strumming, wistful cello, and Lacy’s wholesome vocals combine with an airy dream pop soundscape to create a mood that feels like The Shins on a wilderness retreat. Some have said it's like Radiohead of Coldplay producing Iron & Wine. After performing over 600 concerts across the United States, to promote his debut album 'First Steps' (2013), Lacy took a brief hiatus---teaching English in South Korea. “I was completely immersed into a different culture, without an instrument, bonding with my students, falling in love with non-fiction, and discovering myself without music. It wasn't easy, but perhaps for the first time, I had perspective on my life. It was nutritiously humbling." Upon returning to the United States in 2018, Lacy moved to Los Angles, changed the name of his music project to Spring Owls, and raised over $10k to finish 'Love Evolving' (2021). Spring Owls is set to release a new EP in 2022. RELEASES 2013 - First Steps - Jesse Lacy (album) 2016 - Pack of Dogs - Jesse Lacy (single) 2020 - Harder Than Diamonds - Spring Owls (single) 2021 - Love Evolving - Spring Owls (EP) 2022 - coming soon PRESS CONTACT: jesselacy4@gmail.com

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