Sophia Danai

Performed in Sofar Vancouver and Florence

Sophia Danai is a strong woman, and she wants others to know they are too. The singer-songwriter started off like many other 20-year-old aspiring musicians, with the idea that fame was the ultimate goal. But after ending a tumultuous marriage and fighting her way out of a bad label deal, her view of success began to change. She found herself focusing more on her own personal path and message—letting her fans know they are not alone and that through challenges, they can learn to be more compassionate. With this new knowledge and mindset, Danai went back to school and took production/recording classes, realizing the importance of creating her own vision and defining her artistry. As Danai grew and evolved, so did her music, and with the help of a grant from the Canadian government, she is finally able to put out the album she’s always wanted to make. Real Lies is a seven-song collection of soulful electro-pop tracks that document the heartbreak and disillusionment Danai overcame to get where she is today. “I think the process of growing as a person and artist is uncovering our truth; to ‘realize’ and decode the lies we tell ourselves to protect us from pain,” she explains. “Acknowledging and facing our anger, fear and loneliness allows us to move forward.”

Videos by Sophia Danai