Skyscraper Stan

Performed in Sofar Melbourne and Auckland

Skyscraper Stan lopes around the stage, 6’6” and stick thin. His songs are lyrically intricate - painting images of Riverina truck stops and riverside walks with estranged lovers. For years Skyscraper Stan has been a staple of the Australian Americana circuit, touring alone with an acoustic guitar or with his band - electrified. His latest recorded work “Golden Boy” is a divergence from the twanging sounds that first set him up as a touring artist. Stories of the dog track and gentrified suburbs are tied up in a tight, rocking bundle with the occasional nod to those “golden days” of music that gave Stan his start in songwriting. Since 2015 the band has been praised for their high energy live shows and top-shelf banter.

Videos by Skyscraper Stan