Performed in Sofar Chicago

Hear: a steady upright bass singing low—over the sounds of kids laughing and playing; soft, intricate vocal harmonies that melt together like cream; the hum of strings like a soft swarm of bees; a gratifying rhythmic shift. Take these elements (among others), add lyrics that feel almost-familiar, not because you’ve heard them but because you’ve felt them before, and you have Chicago's Sedgewick. Named "Best New Folk Music Act" by Newcity Magazine, Sedgewick's multi-dimensional debut EP "Gardens" offers gentle arcs and motion (both moving forward and pulling back, in semblance to the tide) and calls forth history, a bittersweet nostalgia (as if there is any other kind of nostalgia). Members sing of nostalgia that it is an act of “grasping at vines.” At times, the listener is situated in a park-like public space, or perhaps by a river. At other times, more organic sounds are infiltrated by the buzz of something mechanical like a heart monitor in a hospital, or the glitch of a subtle malfunction of one of the many devices on which most of our daily lives rely.

No videos are available yet for Sedgewick