Performed in Sofar Chicago

"Schmab is a left-of-center rock comedy band starring Adam Ceschin (Comedy Tour: The Comedy Tour) and Carolyn Jania (Groundlings Sunday Company). Their second music video, ""I Wanna be French,"" was released in December. Schmab began as a variety show at iO West in 2015 and has expanded to include original comedy songs crossing all genres and never veering away from the taboo. Favorites include, “Titties and Shoulders,” a Prince-inspired ode to body parts they covet and “Boo Hoo Bruce,” a song they swear isn’t about Trump (it is definitely about Trump). ​ The duo has performed at the UCB, Groundlings, The Satellite, iO West, the Pack and in shows throughout LA including Radio Picture Show, LA Musical Comedy Festival and Sunday Night Sex Talks. The trifecta was complete when they added music director Aaron Wilson (UCB) aka ""Sweet Baby Angel"" who is the light of their damn lives. "

No videos are available yet for Schmab