Savage Mansion

Performed in Sofar Glasgow

Glasgow's Savage Mansion specialise in effervescent power-pop with bittersweet lyrics, by turns balmy and biting like a summer in the capital. The project is the brainchild of Poor Things' Craig Angus and is augmented by contributions from a cast of collaborators from the city's thriving music scene (including members of Catholic Action and Rapid Tan). Debut E.P, "Everyone To The Savage Mansion" was recorded by Tuff Love's Suse Bear and showcases four smartly written, streamlined tracks that demonstrate a predeliction towards unabashed guitar leads, intricate bass-work and huge choruses. The cock-sure swagger of "Elwood" and Richman-esque spoken-sung verses of closer "Bring Down The City Hall" rub up against the driving, punchier numbers, a broad set of sonic foundations upon which to build.

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