SA Zeiner

Driven by empathy and human connection, SA Zeiner is on a lifelong mission to cultivate universal understanding and freedom of expression through her music. A trained classical singer and theatre performer, she merges emotional honesty with insightful, relatable songwriting and an on-stage persona that allows her to connect with her audience authentically. A multi-talented, hands-on artist, she excels as a singer, songwriter and producer, receiving a grant from Norwegian songwriting organisation TONO in 2017. Sigrid utilises her abilities to record her own material, also lending her skills to other musicians’ projects. Sigrid’s wistful, dreamlike electronica is spellbinding and emotive, imbued with her unique DNA which combines her Norwegian heritage, worldwide travels and a myriad of life experiences. Determined, highly motivated and constantly working, learning and refining her craft, SA Zeiner is carving out her own path with a smile on her face every step of the way… Now she is primed to release EP ‘The Only Scars I've Got I Got In My Sleep’, produced with Synthomania. She specialises in soulful, melancholic pop with an electronic heartbeat and lyrics that are relatable, sensitive and thoughtful. There’s a vulnerability that lies at the heart of Sigrid’s music, a refreshing feeling of ‘realness’ in her songwriting fueled by a desire to share her feelings and truly connect with those who are listening. Sigrid’s can-do mentality has led to her taking charge of all aspects of her musical offering; writing her own songs, producing them and cultivating her individuality away from the influence of the mainstream. As a result she stands in a class of her own.

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