Rompala Flamand

Performed in Sofar Los Angeles

Jeremy Rompala and Jessica Flamand met as teenagers in New York City. Both born in the Tri-State area the pair found each other in the singer-songwriter scene in the West Village. At the time Jeremy was enrolled in City College's biology department, and Jessica was taking part-time design classes at the International Center of Photography and the New School. Sonically the duo presents many dualities. Their style is marked by an elegant simplicity and dark sweetness. Harnessing the wide range of their combined backgrounds and influences it is palpable that they take great care in their songwriting. The songs are led by Jessica's enchanting vocals. She is inspired by strong, individualistic female vocalists including: Stevie Nicks, Laura Marling, Joni Mitchell, Kacey Musgraves, and Taylor Swift. After making a move to the West Coast in 2019 the pair, now both 23 years old, are fully keyed into their abilities. Rompala's virtuosic ear for harmonies, Flamand's evocative vocals, and their combined strengths of lyrical and melodic songwriting the pair write and record dozens of songs a month. Their debut EP "Out On The Line" will be released this fall with its lead-up singles "Pacific Coast Highway" and "All My Life" gaining recognition on playlists and blogs. Ear To The Ground writes, "I'll listen to 1,000 songs before I find another voice this stunning."

No videos are available yet for Rompala Flamand