Performed in Sofar Jakarta

RL + KLAV is the new upcoming project from Rizkia Larasati and Keshia Aita. Started out as high school friends who shared the same interest, crossed the same path in the music scene and then being naturally reinforced to finally establish their collaboration project - RL + KLAV. Not with so much vision and being driven only by their passion in music, and by how the audiences' positive responds gave the energy leading them to go further where their debut EP - "BASIC" can be seen as their first milestone. Both, RL + KLAC have been working on the project independently with some help from their good friends. With each musical taste brings together sweet, chill, and east listening runes. They offer quite a live performance with KLAV skillfully playing her multi-instrument along with RL's gentle and feathery vocals on the microphone, and also with an additional saxophonist to sweeten the sound.

Videos by RL + KLAV