Performed in Sofar Denver, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and NYC

Having spent the last decade relentlessly jamming and learning in parallel, brothers Eli and Jere Pafumi decided to stop ignoring the signs and put their creative efforts into what is now RitaRita - a folky, psychedelic jazz rock recording project home grown within the very house they were raised. January 2019 saw the release of their debut LP Savta’s Garden - a genre-blending, full length concept piece which places the listener in a mini familially bound universe. With brains that exist on the same wavelength, voices that sound alike and a mutual discovery of sound old and new, the Pafumi brothers are at the perfect moment to tackle the next stage of their music-driven lifestyle. "[Savta's Garden] is deep and expansive, but approachable and listenable, even in its most psychedelic explorations...The dichotomy of those sounds, instead of fighting each other, blend into a lysergic tapestry of solid songs that initially come across like some decades-old recording relic, but settle in as a modern record with some solid historical reference points" - Marquee Mag, June 2019

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