Performed in Sofar Las Vegas

PUREJOYPEOPLE is Rob Hau and Pure Joy from Las Vegas, Nevada. Rob was born and raised in the Battle Born state of Las Vegas, NV. Pure Joy is a Californian who grew up in the Philippines, and is now a Las Vegan and an aspiring Vegan. "For us, music is a lifestyle; everything we do and everyone we meet is connected to our love for music. We put lots of time and energy into it and while it doesn’t always come out exactly where we thought it would, it always leads us to where we’re supposed to be. It’s rather magical. We are a 'Super Duo' because we often write and perform with many other artist and musicians although the core of the band is Rob and myself and I write the vast majority of the lyrics. Our music is 'Rock and Soul' because we love to rock and we’re often told the songs hit people directly in their soul. It’s incredibly inspiring to see 2 piece bands making a huge mark on modern music like, 21 pilots, MC Rut, Black Keys,White Stripes, Royal Blood, Phantogram and solo artists like K Flay and Awolnation just to name of few. All of these bands and tons more have influenced us and the fact that it’s just one or two members is incredible."