Pille-Rite Rei

Performed in Sofar Malmö

Music has played a major part in Pille's life ever since she was little. While growing up in Saaremaa, Estonia, she started taking classical saxophone lessons. Aside from classical studies (in which she won the national best young saxophonist prize at the age 17) she took lessons from an estonian jazz guitarist Tiit Paulus who opened her eyes to improvised music. Her studies with Tiit Paulus inspired her to enter Georg Ots Tallinn Music College as a jazz saxophonist. In 2012, despite her studies going very well, she decided to take some time out in Spain. As she was walking the well-known pilgrimage journey Camino de Santiago, she realized that her true instrument was her own voice. While attending Skurups Folkhögskola in Sweden as a singer, she finally found herself in the right element as a composer and the leader of her own group called Miss Rei. Pille's music can be described as very soulful and rythmic. Her tasty jazz harmonies are beautifully combined with dynamic melodies . She hopes her music would reach different kinds of listeners. Her goal is to touch the souls of music lovers as well as the hearts of her loved ones. Pille-Rite likes to experiment making music with different groups and musicians. At the moment she's an active member in several bands, e.g. the Timezone Project, Miss Rei and Olle Häggberg Group.

Videos by Pille-Rite Rei