Paula Boggs Band

Performed in Sofar Portland, OR Photo: Short bio: Paula Boggs Band is a 5-piece band that traverses jazz, world, rock, and Americana. They released debut album “A Buddha State of Mind” in 2010 and “Carnival of Miracles,” produced by Grammy-winning Trina Shoemaker in March 2015. Their sound is “Seattle-Brewed Soulgrass” and the band has performed 100+ shows nationally and in Canada since releasing “Carnival of Miracles.” The band released an “unplugged” EP of consciousness songs, “Live at Empty Sea, Songs of Protest & Hope” and a 3rd studio album, Elixir, The Soulgrass Sessions, also produced by Shoemaker, in 2017. In 2018 the band released their first holiday song, "Mistletoe & Shiny Guitars." “Boggs is like the Dylan, the Peter, Paul, and Mary, the Joan Baez of this era.” – Phil King,

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