Performed in Sofar Sofia

NU/ANCE are 4-pieced coming up alternative rock band. They are making a point of difference with adding into the moody melodies high energy massive sound in rock’n’roll performance.They are one of the “best,young,recognized” bands on Sofia’s live stage. NU/ANCE got together in highschool in 2014. In 2015 they self-produced their first video single “Daylight”. In the beginning of 2016 NU/ANCE already work with a music and video production company. Six months later NU/ANCE introduce their new video single -“Falling Down”, supported by 10 concerts touring Bulgaria. Later that year they were selected to perform on “Gitarijada Festival”, in Zaychar, Serbia, celebrating their 50th anniversary. NU/ANCE are the only Bulgarian band that made it to the final of this festival ever. Following “Falling Down” promotion, NU/ANCE are presented in all charts in Bulgaria as the “band of editor’s choice”. At the beginning of June 2017 they released their debut EP 0.4., which contains four songs. Their tour continued in autumn with gigs outside the border. Follows events in Greece, Romania and Germany. As a start of 2018 the boys announced a major change in their band - they have a new frontman! The Band is planning their next single to be released by the end of May 2018.

Videos by NU/ANCE