Nico Franc

Performed in Sofar Boston and NYC

It's simple, my name is Nico Franc and I make music. I grew up in Rhode Island, went to design school in Savannah, Georgia, and somehow braved the courage to land in Los Angeles to play music. Quite the rollercoaster ride of events, but we'll get to the finer details someday. If you're wondering what my music sounds like, there are plenty of live songs to listen to on my YouTube or here on my Facebook page, but here's the in-depth version in my words: I consistently thank my parents for the music we listened to when I was younger because it shaped everything musically "me". When we weren't grooving to Sting or Stevie Wonder, we were singing along to James Taylor and Tony Bennett songs in the car. The music I was surrounded by was always catered to telling stories through lyric and melody. I still tear up to Oleta Adam's "The Day I Stop Loving You" every time it comes on because I'm hit by the emotion of the story presented in her song. In my observations, music is a gateway for emotion and experience to flow through into audible memory, and all I want to do is share my experience with you.

Videos by Nico Franc