Performed in Sofar Jakarta

Neurotic is an electro pop band founded by Jonathan "Jones" Mono in Jakarta, Indonesia. The band released two albums - Weird (2014) and Dimensi Alternatif (2017). As the band's founder and primary producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Jones has been considered the only constant member and creative force within the group trough much of its journey. However, this changed in 2017 when Yosaviano "YSVN" Santoso (Multi-instrumentalist), Dhani "The Unreal" Syah (Keyboard and Synth), Ramandha "Uel" Satya (Drums and Samples), and Karel "K" William (Drums and Percussions) joined the band in 2017. Neurotic has changed from one man project to a band unit.

Videos by Neurotic