Nadine Wild-Palmer

Performed in Sofar London

Nadine is a professional Singer - Songwriter based in London town. Inspired by the cacophony created by the city she grew up in and propelled by a burning desire to create using the voice and the written word, Nadine has had a colourful and diverse journey as an Artist, one that drives her on and int new territories time and time again. As a result she has a history bedecked with collaborations, but it was only last year that Nadine released her first Solo EP Precipice which has garnered her ample attention and seen her song ‘Into the Wild’ feature as part of a documentary the same song has also been used as a stimulus for the production of an entire play being staged in December 2016. She relishes working through a range of genres and has been singing with upcoming band Strong Asian Mothers, DJ Clock, Solsine, producer Jon Moon and NOW with LJ Looper for RED January a charity campaign working in association with MIND. She is also working closely with the Musicians Union at present!

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