Nacho Lodoño

Performed in Sofar Miami

“ARBOLES LIBRES" (2010) and "FATHER" (2012) are the two studio albums that have placed Nacho Londoño as one of the most recognized artists in the Underground scene of Miami and Puerto Rico, with its style that mixes different styles of music, Folk, Experimental and Rock. His music has allowed him to be part of projects like Balcony TV and festivals like LAMC, CMJ and SXSW. After the release of their second album "FATHER" with "Arboles Libres" band I had the opportunity to participate with bands like He's My She's My Sister, La Secta, Brazilian Girls, Carlos Alberto "Nito" Mestre (formerly of Sui generis). In 2015 he decides to start his solo career in the company of "Matt Knobel"producer and engineer of "Lenny Kravitz". The album has special collaborations of artists like Locos por Juana, Elastic Bond and producer Sammy Gonzalez. After 10 years of career and touring in the United States, he decides to return to Colombia, his native country to release his new solo album entitled "Final".

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