Performed in Sofar London

The name Naala means 'First Daughter'. It comes from a Ghanaian naming ritual; which is intended as a blessing; it means to be a leader, an educator, a guardian and a pioneer. Naala’s sound is an embodiment of these powerful words: layered and multi-sensory: an electronic contemporary landscape, built from sounds that have been self recorded, processed and produced. Growing up in London with a myriad of colourful Ghanaian traditions, Naala learnt that the function of music and dance meant much more than just a means to celebration, they were also used to impart knowledge; to share stories and life lessons. “having lived all my life in cities, it has been that exposure to many different types of music and people that has contributed to the broader sense of my own cultural identity” Naala’s songs overflow with the delicate complexities of modern British and African storytelling. A hybrid between electronica and elemental RnB. Music for sharpening the mind and blurring the senses. Into this mix comes French horns, traditional African drums and a collection of found sounds. Fierce and unafraid of looking into the darker side of herself, Naala’s hypnotic soundscape takes us on a journey through our own forbidden senses. There are many wonderful journey’s to be discovered in Naala’s sound. Lean in and enjoy. Think Grace Jones, Bjork, Kate Bush

Videos by Naala