Mercedes Escobar

Performed in Sofar NYC and Antigua

In 1988, a little girl and a tiny guitar were discovered in a pepper patch on the south side of Volcan Fuego by an itinerant blues man from Chicago. The blues man offered her a lift to either an orphanage or the next bar they came to. She slapped a Q100 note on the dash and said in a tiny, piping voice, “If the whiskey is any good, there’s more of that coming.” The two of them traveled all over the world for the next 20 years, dodging cops and staying two quick steps ahead of the bullets and the bandits, all the while they were making ends meet with him on the harp and her on the guitar. Whenever she sang it was like she was whipping the devil's ass in a bar brawl while charming an angel to buy her the next round.

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