Performed in Sofar Thessaloniki

Menex is a largely self - taught musician and multi - instrumentalist from Thessaloniki, Greece, involved in various genres of Music, ranging from Electronic and Classical to Jazz and Contemporary Modal. Despite having the chance to begin studying Music at a very young age, he refused to take formal piano and theory lessons because he perceived the educational process of studying Music at a conservatory as very dogmatic and dreadful, having nothing to do with the beauty of musical appreciation and creation. He participated in various children's choirs from age 10 to 12. However, his desire to play and create Music was unlocked after he came across the recordings of the Electronic Music pioneers of the 70's and 80's (Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze etc.) at the age of 15, when he immediatelly began to assemble a basic home studio in his sleeping room trying to play back all the Music he had access to. His investigational learning approach continues through his current studies at Berklee College of Music where his musical knowledge is cultivated with the same eagerness and passion in an attempt to expand his artistic horizons and skills.

Videos by Menex