Marcus Doo

Performed in Sofar Inverness

Marcus is a Scottish musician, from the Highlands and currently living in Glasgow. He's released various records and written soundtracks for documentaries and movies as well as putting music to Guadete by Ted Hughes for the Spanish Royal Theatre, Madrid. ""Marcus Doo is a songwriter with a rare mastery of both melody and lyrics. His songs are satisfying as a rounded pebble in your hand, and he performs them with such passion and intensity that I would defy anyone not to be moved." - Graeme Macrae Burnet, author of "His Bloody Project" The music of Marcus Doo is lovely to behold. Strong yet fragile. Full of sad heart, yet so gallant! -Kath Bloom, musician and songwriter I've been at parties where after a few drinks Marcus has been persuaded to pick up a guitar and play some songs and then gone on to mesmerise the whole room with his honest, beautiful and heartfelt music. - Bob Hardy, Franz Ferdinand. "I f*cking love Marcus live and Kid Wonder is f@cking amazing - Kathryn Joseph, musician. SAY musician of the year, 2015.

Videos by Marcus Doo